Putting Technology Into Practice

Because the power lies with your people.

Technology doesn’t stand alone. This section provides access to ideas and training to make the most of the technology tools you’ve invested in.

We’ve compiled a number of resources for you to perfect your skills. From virtual presentations to email marketing to collaborating online, practice makes perfect. Leverage the videos and toolkits here. And for those who may want more support, there are options for additional training and services.

Perfecting Your Virtual Presentations

How can you make your online meetings more effective? Use these 10 tips covering everything from your content, to how you present it, to your virtual set-up. Once put into action, you’ll create powerful opportunities, to connect with your customers, prospects and employees online.

Improving Your Virtual Sales

The pandemic has accelerated the need to be effective at virtual selling. Many agencies have had to ramp up quickly — learning how to prospect, qualify, and close new business over Zoom. Online sales require specific skills to optimize the opportunity. CharismaQ offers workshops and resources.

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Thanks to CharismaQ for providing these resources. CharismaQ evaluates, coaches, and creates charismatic sellers, teaching salespeople to master the art and science of charisma.

CharismaQ members improve their confidence, presence, and likeability to drive increased productivity and revenue.

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Digital Marketing for Insurance Agents

Learn how to get your website to convert more new leads, pull more insurance shoppers off Google search and ads, and how to optimize social media. The actionable tips in this video will get your business moving online.

Using Digital Marketing as an Outside Sales Team

Content marketing and social media can drive awareness and new leads for your agency, especially in times like these when most in-person events are on hold.

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Soud Marketing

Thanks to Soud Marketing for providing these very informative videos. Soud Marketing is a digital marketing agency focused on digital marketing and advertising, offering SEO, pay per click, social media, programmatic display and retargeting.

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Best practice checklists for working with digital technology.

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