Virtual Assistants

The following is provided as key information and ideas to get started with these technologies and not to be considered a full evaluation of available vendors or any issues associated with vendors.

Ways it can work in your agency:


  • Trained in agency management, quoting, CRM and other industry systems
  • Works with you to define tasks and weekly or monthly reporting
  • Integrates with email programs, such as Outlook
  • Personnel based in US or other countries, or both
  • Ability to communicate in multiple languages



There are a wide variety of options, and pricing can range from paying hourly, paying by the task, to recurring monthly fees of $2,000+ per month. It depends on the services required, the amount of time required, and where the assistants are located.

Guide for calculating ROI:

How to quantify the benefit of your virtual assistant(s) for your agency.

(+) Increase in customer retention rate$
(+) Increase in sales$
(+) Increase in productivity for producers, CSRs, agency principal$
(-) Monthly cost of virtual assistant$

Another way to consider the investment in a virtual assistant is to compare the cost of new headcount vs. a virtual assistant.

Adding staffAdding virtual assistant
Annual salaryAnnual cost
Benefits packageN/A
Office, equipment and other expensesN/A
$ Total$ Total

Guide for KPIs:

To ensure the results of your virtual assistant program are meeting your objectives, it’s important to measure Key Performance Indicators.