Net Promoter Scores & Referrals

The following is provided as key information and ideas to get started with these technologies and not to be considered a full evaluation of available vendors or any issues associated with vendors.

Ways it can work in your agency:


  • Integration with your agency management system and/or CRM
  • Ability to segment NPS by employee, product, and other criteria
  • Ability to login to see verbatims in real-time
  • Automated solicitation of customer ratings and reviews
  • Mobile access
  • Monitors and reports on review sites and social media mentions and engagement
  • Ability to email and text surveys to customers
  • Set up notifications in real-time to identify unhappy customers
  • Integration with customer communications, such as regular emails, computer-generated handwritten notes and more
  • Ability to compare your NPS to other agencies and the industry



There are a wide variety of services and they are not all the same. Some offer multiple services beyond the NPS, including referrals and customer communications. You can also do it yourself by using the free version of a survey tool, such as SurveyMonkey. Comprehensive customer survey, referral and recommendation programs can cost $250+ per month.

Guide for calculating ROI:

How to quantify the benefit of your Net Promoter Score and referral service.

(+) Average customer lifetime value$
Model that takes into account the average annual customer commissions multiplied by the average retention
(+) Increase in customer retention rates$
(+) Increase in lead-to-sale conversions$
(+) Increase in new sales$
(+) Decrease in the cost of new sales$
(-) Costs of the new solution$

Guide for KPIs:

You can use your NPS and referral tools to track a variety of Key Performance Indicators important to your agency.