Live Chat

The following is provided as key information and ideas to get started with these technologies and not to be considered a full evaluation of available vendors or any issues associated with vendors.

Ways it can work in your agency:


  • Customize with your agency brand
  • Concurrent chats
  • Pre-chat forms
  • Unlimited chat history
  • Chatbots
  • Email marketing integration
  • Chat routing
  • Custom forms



Many services offer free trials and most offer per user pricing. Some offer higher pricing for the initial user, and much lower monthly pricing for additional users. There is a wide range of pricing and services available. Pricing ranges from free to $79 per user per month. Some platforms allow unlimited agents but charge by the number of chats per month. These range from $29 - $299 per month.

Guide for calculating ROI:

How to quantify the benefit of your live chat service.

(+) Customer retention (calculate average annual value of customers X increase in retention rate)$
(+) Increase in new sales (calculate average annual value of new sales X increase in new sales rate)$
(-) Cost of live chat service$

Guide for KPIs:

You can use your live chat solution to track a variety of Key Performance Indicators important to your agency.