Collaboration Tools

The following is provided as key information and ideas to get started with these technologies and not to be considered a full evaluation of available vendors or any issues associated with vendors.

Ways it can work in your agency:


  • Multiple users can edit and contribute to a document or project
  • Documents can be worked on remotely
  • Document sharing
  • Integration with videoconferencing
  • User editing permissions
  • Ability to organize and communicate by teams
  • Document version control



There are many free options and other solutions can cost up to $35 per user per month. Others have a monthly flat rate up to $99 which allows for unlimited users.

Guide for calculating ROI:

How to quantify the benefit of your collaboration tools.

(+) Improved productivityMultiply the number of hours saved by the average hourly employee rate
(+) Reduced paper costs$
(+) Reduced printing costs$
(-) Cost of collaboration tool$

Guide for KPIs:

You can use your collaboration tools to track a variety of Key Performance Indicators important to your agency.